Update (finally)

I have been a terrible blogger…

Once upon a time about two years ago, I got an iPhone. Then I downloaded Instagram. And that is how I forget about my blog!

Despite convenience, I realize that I owe it to all of you and myself to keep this blog up and going.

So here are a few pictures-that were not posted on Instagram- that I’ve taken over the past year and a half. I’m going to try my best to keep my IG shots separate from the shots I post on here via my Nikon.

I do want to start using my Nikon more than my phone. I think I need to take a class because I never really learned the fundamentals of working with a DSLR.  I miss shooting with a manual film camera… maybe one day I’ll get back to that.

These are some shots I got in DC over the winter of 2012 and summer of 2013. Yes that’s right, I’m going way back!

I will be uploading more soon.

(For those interested, I do have a link to my Instagram at the bottom of the blog. Fair warning: almost every post is either food, me with coffee, or some of my design work. Some are pretty cool photo-ey shots though)







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