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My first Real Firework Shot

I am pretty pleased with the way these came out. These shots were taken from my new Nikon D3100. This is my first DSLR so I really didn’t know too much on how to work the functions. One thing I learned after taking these was that it was better not to use the flash when taking firework shots. Something about a longer exposure? Cam experts out there, you can verify this. It was also different because I am so used to working in manual setting since I took a class for a whole semester just with basic film. It also didn’t occur to me that I could still work in manual mode on the DSLR as well!

Well anyway, I think for my first few shots on this new baby, I’d say they came out well done! It was a great 4th of July evening indeed.

I did not leave you blog!

It has been a while since my last post, I know! Trust me boy do I know.

What have  kept me from posting?  (with the first being the most understanding)

  • My pocket camera broke. BUT! The good news is that I am getting a new one for graduation. And not only that…but I am getting a DSLR! I don’t know which kind yet…it’s either going to be a Nikon D3100 or Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I have no idea which yet…I still have to make a trip to the crazy B and H photo store in Manhattan which is literally a 4 minute walk from my office (where I am interning till this Friday actually)…so gotta make that a priority when I go in tomorrow to get a good recommendation as to which one I should get. Suggestions for all you camera-lovahs out there??? I am looking for a camera that is good for starters who are looking to get somewhat serious later on. Heard that both these cameras are good first-time DSLR users.
  • I’m a senior in college which means my mind is absolutely crazy. I am actually going to be done in 19 days. Man, just typing out the number gives me the goosebumps. Mixed emotions…flying off the wall. I can’t wait to graduate but on the other hand I am LEAVING New York. Okay, so it’s Long Island but still…it was my home for a pretty sweet amount of time. Hopefully (knock on wood) I will be going back to NY sooner rather than later!
  • My internship took over my life. It’s really not the kind of internship you see in The Devil Wears Prada or you hear about. But it still kept me busy and then at the end of the day all I wanted to do of course was go home and sleep for years and years. Of course the experience was incredibly rewarding and I am so glad that I had time to work with such a wonderful organization (Covenant House).

So there you have it. Lame excuses? Maybe not so much. But it is lame that I have stayed away for so long, I will give you that.

Until I get my next batch of photo’s on my new soon-to-be-in-my-arms camera-baby, here’s two photos I took off of my little but acceptable LG when I went down to St. Petersburg for a weekend to visit my brother and sister-in-law.

Stay tuned for more!

This is their backyard. No big deal, you see this everyday when you wake up!…haha.

Paris Metro

I got my first ride on the metro in Paris this past summer. Almost as clean as the one in DC but not as beautiful looking (but that may just be because it’s in Paris).

B/W photo’s

I am currently taking Photo 101 that includes the basics with black and white photography. These pictures are older, taken with my pocket digital camera. Stay tuned for my photo’s I’ve taken for my class!


Taken nearby the Verrazano Bridge back in May.


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